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LG delivers the world’s largest OLED screen display in Dubai


You have access to some really cool TV’s for your house, ranging as high as 80-inches or even 90-inches depending on where you shop. This would take care of the needs of any home, regardless of size. However, this isn’t enough for LG. LG set out to build the world’s largest OLED screen at a shopping mall and aquarium in Dubai (the Dubai Mall).

Of course, this isn’t something you would install in your home, but it would be amazing to stand in front of. Also, it’s important to point out that it isn’t one solid screen. It was actually made possible by connecting a whopping 820 LG OLED TVs (open-frame) together, to create this massive display with. Not only did this allow them to create something big, but also bring a variable curve pattern into the mix that replicates the pattern of flowing water (since it is located right above an aquarium). It was a show of LG’s professional business to business signage products and capabilities.

What is the largest in the world today may change tomorrow as other locations around the world as well as competitors (ie, Samsung, Sony and so forth) may begin to race to outshow the other. One thing that you can count on is that OLED is finally taking its place in the world and will become more of a staple technology in every screen we look at. At least until they develop the next best thing.



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