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LG dove deep into whole-house automation this CES


LG is known for having one of the largest booths at CES, and this year it was packed with products centered around the smart home. The focus is to connect everything around you so that you can interact with (LG) products throughout your home, while also having Google Assistant and/or Amazon Alexa built in to make things all the easier when it comes to getting quick answers to whatever questions you have in mind.

They are rolling out their popular Wallpaper W-Series TVs with Google Assistant built-in, allowing you to take advantage of the popular digital assistant without the need of additional speakers or other devices. You can simply ask your TV to turn your lights on and off, or to set a timer for something you have cooking, as you sit down to bide the time with your favorite show.

They have also been building their own ThinQ AI into some of their products as well, with the support of Amazon Alexa. LG had various products showcased, including their latest smart fridge that could control various devices around the home, set notes or reminders for others living with you, as well as communicate with products like the ThinQ supported stove they had on display to the right of the fridge.

The latter was fascinating since you can search for a specific recipe from the screen on the fridge, and not only will it walk you through the process of making any specific dish (both on the screen or it can read it out to you via built-in speakers), but can also pass the cooking instructions wirelessly to the stove so you automatically get the cooking temperature and times to pull off your dish perfectly.

You can get current information about nearly every product LG has on display simply by using your voice. From adjusting the smart cooling solutions throughout the home, to finding out when your dishwasher will be finished with its load. They are really pushing hard for this whole-house connectivity.

Of course it didn’t just stop with smart home as they had a large selection of TVs and projectors to show off this year, including their newest Nano Cell Displays (which will also feature LG’s ThinQ AI with Google Assistant built-in and Amazon Alexa support). They also had some amazing 1080p and 4K projectors to show off, one of which can easily switch from wall projection to aiming at the ceiling.

Needless to say, this has been another fascinating show for LG, and we can expect a lot of great (and smart) products to roll out later in the year.



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