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LG releases their W-Series Wallpaper OLED TVs and how much


We spoke with LG earlier this year in January about their new W-Series TVs, which were absolutely fantastic to look at in person. Only 1/10th of an inch in thickness, they truly are one of the first TV’s to lay perfectly flat on your wall like a poster. It features 4K, HDR and everything else you’d expect to find in a high price model. All connections are stripped clean from the TV and placed on the accompanying speaker to help make this possible.

LG promised that they would be available this year, with the 77-inch model finding its way into the market during the second half. They haven’t failed to deliver on this as you can now finally buy one for your own home as of a few days ago. The launch started in LA and you should hopefully begin to see it trickle into other store fronts in the near future, including places like

It does however come at a price–as you would expect with any new jaw dropping TV as it first enters the market. That 77-inch model (77W7) will cost you around $19,999. A little high (under-exaggerated comment) for most, but they do need to make back the money they poured into developing such a wonder. The 65-inch model (65W7) takes a drastic drop to $7,999, which for most, will most likely be a bit too high as well. However, if you do have the money to dish out, you could find one of these beauties resting on your wall as soon as you find a place that carries it.


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