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Lily drone has been postponed until Summer of 2016


The company that brought you Lily (or at least they will soon) has announced that the long awaited drone will have to be waited on some more, as it won’t release now until Summer of 2016. Lily Robotics, Inc, based on San Francisco, said that there has been a few obstacles they are looking to overcome before shipping it out to everyone. They want to make sure it is fully consumer ready vs jumping the gun on the whole project.

There has been a list of tweaks they have been hard at work on, including the flight control software and camera stabilization and image quality. Of course, they are going to want to make sure it can compete with what’s current, so they are doing their best to accomplish this within the next 6 months or so.

Some new features will be coming as well, including a waterproof sonar sensor which the drone can use to determine its position to the ground (DJI is big on this technique) for the purpose of hovering in place (or if we are lucky, object recognition so that it doesn’t crash into trees or other obstacles).

They are seeking more time to be able to work on these changes as well as testing it in the field. They emphasized on the importance of testing time, which is great because some companies seem to forget how important it is to rinse and repeat to make sure they have all scenarios covered.

You can read our original announcement of the drone here. It is currently still available for pre-order on their website.


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