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Logitech has acquired Astro Gaming


Logitech has announced the acquisition of Astro Gaming into their portfolio of brands, joining familiar names like Jaybird, Ultimate Ears and Saitek. The announcement came out today as Logitech closed the deal with Astro–a deal they have been working on since July of this year.

The new acquisition helps to bring additional accessories into Logitech’s gaming portfolio. Astro Gaming is known for their headsets and accessories for gamers of all platform styles, including PC, Xbox and PlayStation. They typically pull in a score of 80-90% across consumer reviews, and can be found at just about every major online and physical store front (Amazon, Best Buy, etc).

Logitech themselves are already well known for their keyboard, mice, controllers and other computer (and console) accessories. They have been competing side by side with companies like Microsoft for over 35 years. In fact, the majority of the keyboards and mice we use here are Logitech (I guess no one has been able to successfully bump them from our favorites list yet).

They already have their line of gaming headsets that have been doing decently well outside of a few models. This will allow them to make a heavier dent on the console side of the market, currently ruled by names like Astro, as well as SteelSeries and Turtle Beach (as well as others of course).


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