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Logitech launches a new Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for all devices


Another move in their new strategy of changing into their new stylish pants, Logitech has launched a new keyboard and mouse that has the capability of speaking to any device that supports such Bluetooth connectivity. Tablets, smartphones, TVs, gaming consoles and such much more. What makes these different from others, is the ability to switch between multiple devices so that the pair of devices can travel around the house or wherever you need them.

You can pair up to three devices and easily switch between them via provided buttons. Use them to control your favorite TV at the house during the evening and then throw them in your bag for work the next day. Switch between the Xbox One and your favorite Tablet when someone starts messaging you in between rounds.


Logitech says you will get up to 2 years on battery life on the keyboard and 10 months with the mouse, allowing you to get a lot of use out of them before having to worry about running out of juice. The mouse is the first of its run and the keyboard replaces the bulkier K480 model that launched last year.

Sure makes for an easy way of consolidating the device mess around the house vs having to have a keyboard and/or mouse at every location one may be useful–or wishing you had an extra one. Of course, now you will have to remember where you used it last, if it’s not in front of you at any given time. Or simply remember to drag it around with you all throughout the house. I guess nothing is perfect. This does save money and space though.

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