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Logitech’s new 4K HDR Brio webcam to 1UP the C922.


Those are some strong words right there. Especially since most of our machines here are equipped with the C922 webcam, thus we are quite familiar with it. The C922 has been an amazing webcam for us and now Logitech claims to have one-upped it with the new Logitech Brio Pro.

The new Brio is a 4K solution at an affordable price. Not so affordable if you’re an average consumer looking for an average webcam, but perfect for someone looking to use theirs for business or pro hobbyists like competitive gamers and YouTube celebrities (given, some of the latter use professional gear these days).

It retails for just $199 and can capture 4K with HDR at 30fps (frames per second), as well as 1080p or 720p at 60fps. You also get 5x digital zoom as well as support for Windows Hello.

It connects to your PC using an included USB 3.0 cable and also comes with a detachable clip and a carrying bag if you take it mobile.

If it’s anything like the C922, this is going to also mean excellent colors and detail no matter your environment. In a release from Logitech, Scott Wharton, vice president and general manager of Logitech Video Collaboration, said that “It’s truly an unparalleled webcam experience, whether you’re using it for business video collaboration, streaming a live event, or recording professional-quality video in 4K.” We couldn’t agree more ourselves. With our experience with the previous models, we have had nothing but luck with whatever content or event we were using them for. It shouldn’t be hard for them to get to that next level with 4K.

Now, about Windows Hello. This great feature adds the ability to unlock your PC using things like facial recognition (with the right camera) and fingerprints (using certain fingerprint readers). New laptops and phones have been popping up all over that take advantage of this. If you wanted to bring it to your PC, you have to buy an accessory that supports it. The new Logitech Brio does, bringing facial recognition to a PC near you. Now, at the Windows lock screen, all you have to do is sit down in front of your PC. It should take a quick second and it should unlock, simply by the camera know it is you.

The camera is available now, although currently it says shipping in one to two months on Amazon . That may change within hours or days to shipping immediately (Amazon can be odd sometimes).


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