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Lucis adds support for Alexa to their Nubryte Touchpoint


We have covered NuBryte in the past about their Touchpoint system, a great touchscreen solution for your smart home that allows you to control the light switches that you replace with them while adding in a security system, intercom and the ability to view the weather, reminders and more.

Since we interviewed them last year at CES, they have continued to work hard at adding new features. Each time, making their system little bit better as they go. One of their latest additions that Lucis has added, is support for Amazon Alexa.

Now you can control of of your connected lights and scenes by voice through Alexa, and the process of getting everything setup is pretty easy. All you have to do is open the Alexa App, go to Skills, find and download the Nubryte skill, log into it using your Nubryte account and then allow Alexa to scan for new devices. Once you have done this, you can start asking Alexa to control the units you have associated to your account.

We have a unit here at the office that we test out all the time. Perfect for experimenting with new features as they roll them out. All you have to do is say “Alexa, turn on the [LIGHT NAME] light”, and on it will go. For example, our demo we have set up, we named the light to balcony. So, we say “Alexa, turn on the balcony light”.

Another +1 for Lucis Technologies as they progress forward. Now, if only they would add a dusk to dawn scene ability for outdoor lights. Then maybe our mock “balcony” light, would be that much more smarter and we would have something new to talk about.

For more information about Lucis Technologies and their NuBryte Touchpoint, you can read our full review of it we published last year, where we dive deep into it and even walk you through installing one. You can also find our interview with them from CES 2016 here:


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