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Meural digital frames coming to a retailer near you


Meural has recently secured the funding to get the ball rolling faster, breaking the brand out of the online realm and into over 100 retail stores around six different countries around the world, including the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

We have covered Meural in the past, including a review of the fantastic IPS digital frame we published back in May of this year. Meural’s Canvas enables you to put some of your favorite works of art on display, including an online catalog of both modern and classic art that you can download from. The Canvas itself already comes pre-loaded with a giant collection already, and you can of course upload custom content as well so that you can show of other works, including that of your own. It can be controlled simply by a waive of your hand, and all of the content management can be controlled via a browser or their app (available both on iOS and Android devices).

“We’ve always known that the Meural Canvas is something that needs to be experienced in person. The magic of discovering art on the Meural Canvas with a wave of your hand, and experiencing famous artworks in such lifelike detail, is something that can only come from an in-person interaction with the product,” says Jerry Hu, Meural CRO and Co-Founder.

They will be landing this holiday season in stores like Target Open House (San Francisco, CA), Micro Center, Adorama, b8ta (including Macy’s Herald Square location), Lowe’s, Best Buy Canada and more. At the moment, there is only a select amount of stores (137 across the world to be exact), mostly centered around Lowe’s and Best Buy Canada, but you can be sure the list will most likely expand in the future as popularity grows.

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