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Microsoft announces 1TB version of the stock Xbox One


MIcrosoft has officially launched the updated version of the Xbox One console, now sporting a 1TB internal hard drive, giving you all that extra space you need for downloading games and add-on content. This news comes hot on the heels of their recent software update to the Xbox 360 devices allowing them to support external devices beyond 32GB in size.

The new console comes with an updated controller that now features a 3.5mm jack to plug in third party headsets (no adapter needed) and the ability to update its firmware OTA (over the air)–yes, that’s right, even the remote has its own firmware. It

At the moment, Microsoft is also including a copy of The Master Chief Collection as well (via digital download).

What does this mean for price? The price stays the same with the new console at $399 as the previous model (500GB) has fallen to $349. Of course, if you are a heavy gamer, the extra space is well worth the $50.





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  1. All This Power on

    There is more value in buying the 500GB xb1 console with the Halo game and 12 month live subscription. Even if you buy an external hard drive it’s still a better value than buying this.

  2. tyler cecire on

    Please make it so the slim versions have swappable internal hard drives because i dont want to use external

  3. Assassin878D on

    my friend messed up my right joystick and whenever i use it the camera or whatever the joystick is assigned to do gets like used. the joystick itself doesnt move down but inside the joystick is telling the console to move i think. Can someone help? Or tell me a place i could go to get it fixed?

  4. On my 360 i have an external hard drive with 120 gb left and over 30 games. On my xbox one i have 6 games and 70% of memory is gone.

  5. So XBOX i heard no Street Fighter V for the XB1 please make it happen or a new Street Fighter x Tekken!?

  6. 1:58 has it ever possible possible to update the Xbox Controller;s firmware update via USB cable? Since when?

  7. i also never got a usb cable for my controller, so i can never update my controller unless i buy more stuff. kinda lame.

  8. If we were going to need the extra storage then you should have supplied a 1T or even a 2T hard drive from launch.

  9. Tech_Prophecy on

    Microsoft announces 1TB Xbox One retailing for $399 with new wireless controller!#microsoft #announces #xbox #xboxone #wireless #tech #technews #gaming #gamingnews +Tech_Prophecy

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