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Microsoft announces Windows 10 highlights and introduces HoloLens


This is a big day for Microsoft as they announced more highlights about Windows 10 to the public. More focus on one operating system to rule them all (devices) and support for new future technologies.

Windows 10 will support all devices in the PC family, including computers, tablets, phones, laptops, etc. No longer needing multiple ports of the same OS, Windows 10 will adapt itself to the device that it is installed on. This allows for developers to support all platforms in a single app, including Xbox.

Any devices 8-inches and above in size will have access to the Windows desktop and applications. Anything screen smaller than 8-inches will only have access to the tiled UI and cross-platform apps.

This isn’t something we aren’t familiar with since Android has already been playing with this, but it is a much larger roll-out when you look at how many devices it will play with.


Possibly one of the biggest announcements though was the HoloLens. Microsoft showed off a new technology that allows holograms to interact with your daily life both at work and home. Demonstrating its uses in a professional environment, as well as the recreational environment by bringing in elements such as Skype communication and video games (ie, Minecraft). They pointed out that this will be one of the future technologies that Windows 10 will support.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t fall into a project wastebin anywhere, as this would make Kinect look like the toy that it is overnight. I know our office would be swarming with these glasses if given the chance.

They seem to be pretty deep into its development, so its pretty safe to say that this is something you should be expecting, hopefully later this year or sometime next.

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  2. Sebastian Ignacio on

    Soon holo-lens will just be glasses and we’ll look back on this and say, “how primitive”.

  3. You said “We need someone who cares”/ Well, I care a lot. When will this be available to the public? How much will it cost?

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