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Microsoft begins taking pre-orders for the new Xbox One X (Scorpio Edition)


Microsoft has finally begun the pre-order madness for the upcoming Xbox One X console that launches later this year (November 7th). The pre-order will get you a limited “Scorpio Edition”, that celebrates the code name the project has been hidden behind all this time until the console’s true name was announced at E3 in June, which has also become the name of the engine inside of the console.

The limited edition console will feature a 1TB hard drive, an exclusive vertical stand (in case you want to stand it vertically instead of the typical flat orientation), an all black controller, as well as “Project Scorpio” being inscribed on both the console and the controller.

It is time to jump on 4K bandwagon and take advantage of everything that is the new revolution in gaming, streaming and blu-ray. Not only will the new console deliver the best graphics any game has ever provided (via the upcoming 4K titles), it will also play all of your previous Xbox One titles, as well as the Xbox 360 backward compatible titles (over 400 Xbox 360 games), and they plan to being releasing titles from the original Xbox as well (winning!). It will also support current Xbox One accessories

Unlike Nintendo’s history of having stock troubles, it is less likely Microsoft will experience any troubles cranking the new console out onto the market come time. Regardless, don’t miss your opportunity to be among the first to get their hands on it, by reserving it today. You can pre-order it via the following button, which will take you straight to Microsoft’s website.

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