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Microsoft discontinues the original Xbox One, focuses on the new One X


No surprise here, as Microsoft has set the ball in motion to end production and sales of the original Xbox One consoles. Originally released nearly four years ago (November 2013), the original console will be quickly living in the shadow of the Xbox One X when it arrives later this year, and the Xbox One S already surpasses its abilities as is. So there is no point in keeping the original around when consumers can get the One S for less and get more from it.

November of this year will mark the launch of the new Xbox One X, a true winner in the gaming market as it brings true UHD 4K to the table, and bring with it some impressive hardware upgrades. Currently, the upcoming One X is in its pre-order phase, while the One S takes the place of the original with a steady stream of sales.

Although Microsoft hasn’t released any numbers just yet, they have come out saying that the Xbox One X has thus far seen more pre-orders than any other Xbox console in the past, causing some locations offering the pre-orders to quickly run out of stock (including Microsoft’s Store online). Without numbers, it is hard to really get an idea of how well it is doing as they could have started the first round of pre-orders with a very limited release to test the waters with (something Nintendo is more than known for since the release of the NES Classic). It was a limited “Scorpio Edition” after all.

Some say that the Xbox One X is a tough sell since it is merely an upgrade to the original system vs a completely new console. However, a completely new console could mean that you may have to buy all new games and equipment. Instead, Microsoft has chosen to simply bring the benefits of a new system (impressive hardware, new features, enhanced graphics, etc) to its current, so that you can simply continue on knowing that all of your investments into the original console are still compatible and ready to go. It’s the best of both worlds, thus we think it should do just fine, and will proudly take the original’s place on the throne.

Although the current pre-order offering of the Scorpio Edition of the Xbox One X has sold out, the pre-orders for the normal console will begin soon. You can use the link below to keep an eye on the console’s page in the store, so that you don’t miss your chance when the time comes.

Check for Xbox One X (pre-order) availability via Microsoft

Check for Xbox One X (pre-order) availability via Amazon


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