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Microsoft ends production for Xbox 360


Not everything lasts forever, although the Xbox 360 feels as though it came close. In case you haven’t heard yet, Microsoft has recently ended the production of the console and shifted all of their focus to their current gen Xbox One. The 360 console was originally launched November 2005 and has sold well for over 10 long years. It was the first console to truly shake Sony’s dominance in the market that catered to more than just the younger generation. Ever since, Microsoft and Sony have been neck to neck, delivering some of the most exciting gaming experiences.

So what does this mean to you? Thankfully, as long as you already have one, it doesn’t mean much just yet. It just means they aren’t making any more units. They haven’t dropped support for the console just yet and have said they will continue to support it at this time. Currently it is unknown how long this will last as eventually they will drop support as well, but for this moment, things are still looking good. Xbox Live will still be supported along with additional downloadable content, as well as Games for Gold and everything else.

If you do not already own a 360 and still want the chance of jumping into one, they will still be emptying their inventory of what they have left. This means you better get one before supply runs low. Also, the average price is about $199, making it quite affordable compared to the newer gen consoles.

You will eventually begin to see more apps drop from the 360 as 3rd party developers end support and shift all of their focus to the newer gens as well. Also, you will find less games coming out for the 360. In fact, it’s best to assume that most if not all new launches will not support the 360. At this point in time, developers generally will focus all their attention to the newer gen consoles to take advantage of their graphics and processing power.

Thankfully, the Xbox One has strong support for a lot of 360 games, especially digital downloads (and Microsoft continues to work on improving this support). This means you get a two for one by buying the Xbox One in many cases.



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