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MOTA to launch their new 4K JOJO drone in March


MOTA announced at CES 2017 last week that they plan to release their new 4K drone, the JOJO, on March 1st of this year. The new drone will compliment their line-up of drones that have that have lately shaken the smaller side of the market–including one of the world’s smallest flyable drones (the Jet Jat Nano)

The new JOJO will be a full-size (at least when you consider the average size of today’s drones) drone that features an on-board 4K camera and up to a 30 minute flight time. It will have sensors on its bottom side to help prevent it from coming close to anyone while in the air that can be demos simply by bringing your hand near the bottom of it while in flight. Thanks to this and other sensors on-board, it supports what they call a Basketball feature which will allow it to return to its initial position when pressed down words, essentially allowing you to dribble with it. Given, we haven’t seen this with our own eyes just yet, so we can’t really paint the perfect picture on how flexible this feature is just yet–but March is right around the corner so we may find out shortly.

It will feature direct streaming to your phone and it will support VR if you have a headset for your phone. It will also include some of the options you can normally expect to find in its price range, including an auto return function, virtual fence, dual GPS while outdoor (ultrasonic and optic sensors for indoors), a spare battery and a controller with LED screen.

The fact that it is called Mota JOJO is kind of fun since it sounds a lot like Mojo Jojo. At the moment, we don’t know if there is any influence there coming from a popular animation, but fun none-the-less.

This isn’t their first full-size drone, as Mota already has a line of larger drones that range from consumer to commercial-grade, including their GIGA-8000 drone that features a 1080p camera and the ability to swap it out with a GoPro to go as high as 4K with.



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