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New AOC IPS 1080p monitors that hide the cable mess


AOC has teamed with design house Studio F. A. Porsche to bring you two new near-frameless 1080p IPS monitors that aim to help get rid of those unsightly cables that hang down from the back of the screen. Their idea was that those notorious two connected cables, always take away from the beauty and appeal of a good screen. So why not go the same route as some of the newer wallpaper-thin TVs entering the market, and move these connections from the back of the screen, somewhere else?

Not only did they move them towards the base, but they slightly separated them from the base as well in a way, as they hang from a short cable that connects to the back of the base. This gives you wiggle room on allowing it to hang out on a desk surface, drop down the back of the desk or through a cable guide hole within the desk.

The new monitor comes in both a 24-inch (PDS241) model that retails for around $199, as well as a 27-inch (PDS271) model that retails for just $50 more ($249) around  for you to choose from. Both models feature AOC’s SuperColor, LowBlue Mode, and FlickerFree technologies, to enhance comfort, color and wide viewing angles. The only disadvantage is that it is only 1080p and HDMI 1.4 (no displayport, USB 3.1, etc).

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