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Nintendo is bringing some arcade classics to the Switch


Nintendo has revealed that they will be bringing some old arcade classics to the Nintendo Switch, with a bit of a twist. Titles such as the original Mario Bros. will make their way to the their latest console with improved graphics and the ability to challenge a friend.

With games like Ice Climber, Balloon Fight, Punch-Out, Clu Clu Land, and Pinball, you will be able to make use of the Switch’s Joy-Con to include a friend while you challenge them across the various levels of each game, bringing a nice twist to some of the classics that set the groundwork for what made Nintendo what it is today.

The new collection will be known as Arcade Archives, and will begin making their way to the Switch beginning September 27th with “Arcade Archives: Mario Bros.”, with additional titles coming out in the near future. No price has been mentioned by Nintendo just yet.

This is a separate collection of games, not to be mistaken with the upcoming Virtual Console which hasn’t been released yet, tasked with delivering classic NES games to the Switch.


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