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Oculus drops the price of Rift to $399 for the summer


Oculus just made it that much easier for consumers to get their hands on a quality VR solution, by dropping the price of the Rift bundle to $399. This makes it the most affordable full VR solution as of yet.

The new special will continue for the next six weeks before they plan on bringing the price back up. Known as the Summer of Rift sale, you can pick yours up today and finally make the leap into the world of VR while your friends sit back with envy. The bundle comes with both touch controllers so that you have what you need to jump right in. The only challenge left is making sure you have a system strong enough to handle VR (consumers can use something like VRMark to test their system’s capabilities with ahead of time).

It would be interesting to see if HTC has something up their sleeves in response to this seasonal price drop, now that Oculus has created such a price gap between to the two VR solutions.

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