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Omate Wherecom K3 – A smartwatch and tracker for your kids


Perfect for someone looking to keep tabs on their little ones like Big Brother does on you (just kidding….maybe), Omate has a solution that will allow you to do this while giving them their on smartwatch they can enjoy and even call home with. “This is Dick Tracy Jr here, call mom!”

Omate’s Wherecom K3 smartwatch runs on top of the Android 5.1 OS and offers a number of features for kids to entertain themselves with. These features include alarms, music, images (gallery), pedometer, calculator, stopwatch and a handful of other pre-installed apps and games. To keep up with it all, it features a Dual-core 1Ghz ARM Cortex-A7 MediaTek MT6572M chipset with a ARM Mali-400 MP GPU for graphics–funny, it doesn’t seem that long ago when we were bragging about these kind of specs in smartphones and now it’s all on your wrist (well, your kids wrist at least).

Thanks to a partnership with Monitorlinq, the watch triangulates your child’s location using GPS, 3G GSM cellular networks and Wi-Fi hotspots and communicates it back to you so that you always know their whereabouts. You can never be too safe these days right? Personally, I was allowed to run around on my own and get into all sorts of trouble since I was 7 years old. I turned out ok, but who knows what would happen now with all of the scary things out there like…um…bird flu, evil clowns, Hillary Clinton and whatever else seems to scare society into their new comfort blankets.

You also have the option of swapping out the band to customise the style of the watch to your own (or more likely your child’s own preferences).

It will be available this April (next month) for $129 both online and off, so keep your eyes peeled. You can be more than sure that it will probably pop up on Amazon. The tracking services which are offered through Monitorlinq will be made available by June via select GSM cellular providers (and apparently insurance companies).

You can find other products by Omate here.

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