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One of our favorite moments of CES is the time we took to relax


This has been the second year in the row now that we have taken a moment to stop by the Bodyfriend booth to see what’s new and talk to them about their line of massage chairs (ie, they were demoing their new Rex-L Plus). What we saw this round was quite similar to what they had last year, with some of their finest models on display, as well as their smaller chairs themed after some of your favorite Marvel characters.

In the image above, you will find one of our camera ops gracefully snoozing on the job as he floats away to his happy place. We can’t help but take a moment out to demo these chairs when we visit, as they are by far (thus far) the best massage chairs we have experienced. The amount of detail and concentrated movements that hit every part of your body just right, is spot on, and the relaxing music streaming by your ears adds some much to this experience.

We have ran across many of these chairs from various companies, some of which offer a decent level of relaxation to really help take your mind off things with, and loosen up those sore muscles. However, none of them live up to what these models can deliver it seems (at least we haven’t found anything else to par). Of course, with added comfort and quality, also comes price. These chairs will run you on average somewhere around $5,000 to $9,000, so be ready to cough up some cash.

They aren’t for the weak of heart when it comes to price, but are perfect for those who can afford the “luxury” side of things. Their chairs come with a white glove delivery service and they will even go over everything with you before delivery to make sure the chair is right for you (ie, will it fit through your door). The company is based in South Korea (you know, where Samsung comes from), and puts a lot of their focus into quality and function. You will find it very difficult not to float away while sitting in one of these, especially if you have been impressed in the past by simpler models from stores like Sharper Image or Brookstone (those models come from “other companies”).

If that price range isn’t for you, they have smaller chairs–called “Hug Chairs”–that mimic floor sitting gaming chairs, each (as mentioned) modeled after a popular Marvel character. At the moment, they have Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man (you can see all of these in the above video).

These chairs are little different as they don’t include a focus on your arms, legs and feet. Instead, they only cover your neck, back, waist and buttocks. They each have a pillow that can cover the head portion when not using the massage features, so that it will function comfortably as a normal chair as well.

Even these little guys will beat you up (in a good way) if you want them to, making for the perfect (and I mean “perfect”) console gaming chair. Also great for dens, home theaters and mode. Just about anywhere you would like to sit and relax. They are mostly targeted for the younger crowd (kids and teens), however we have found little reason why a full adult wouldn’t love one of these (outside of any weight limits they may come with of course).

Obviously, we brag a little on these for a good reason. We aren’t being paid to say any of this–So don’t worry, we aren’t selling out. We have however spent a good deal of time sitting in these chairs and this is where we absolutely learned to love them.

To learn more about them, you can visit their website at where they sell their chairs directly (they will eventually be expanding toward speciality stores in the future as they grow their US market presence). Of course if the price tag is a little much for you, you can always browse Amazon here for some other companies that cost a whole lot less (however they don’t feel anywhere as good as the above models).


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