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OtterBox teams with Mophie for extended battery and wireless charging


Two major brands in smartphone accessories are teaming up to bring a collection of options to your favorite iPhone devices in a single case solution. From the protective casing that OtterBox is known for, to the extended battery options that mophie is equally known for. Combine this and include wireless charging and you have a perfect mix for getting you through the day and ditching the wires.

OtterBox is bringing mophie specifically into their modular uniVERSE product system, which allows owners to mix and match various accessories with their OtterBox casing (for iPhone).

“OtterBox built uniVERSE to bring together industry leaders and cutting-edge innovators, building a diverse mobile ecosystem,” said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke. “The mophie partnership brings together best-in-class products for the benefit of iPhone users. With dozens of other accessory partners, the uniVERSE Case System proves how customized mobile devices can truly be.”

There will be multiple products coming from mophie that will support uniVERSE. The battery solutions will incorporate Qi charging, allowing you to wirelessly charge your devices using a vast selection of Qi compatible wireless chargers, available everywhere.

It begins with the mophie “charge force battery”, which will be available for $69.95, that attaches via magnet. While charging, it first focuses attention to the iPhone first, giving it priority, and then shifting over to the battery once finished. You also have the option to skip the battery and just go with the “charge force adapter”, which gives you the option of wireless charging by itself. The adapter will run around $49.95 at retailers.

There is a variety of other accessories that will be introduced into the uniVERSE system as everything rolls out. You can find the uniVERSE product system online and in retail stores.


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