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Plex announces Plex News


Plex has announced the latest addition to their Plex Media Server platform, with the new Plex News service. The new service adds local, national and international news options to your server interface and allows you to customize them to your liking by only downloading the options you need.

The new(s) service (there was a pun there) is offered to both free and paid subscribers and you will find it available within your Plex Media Server software once you have downloaded the latest updates and is available for Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android mobile, and iOS (they are currently working at rolling out additional platform support in the near future).

This is the conclusion to Plex’s acquiring of the Watchup video news service earlier in the year (January), where they announced their plans to create a centralized source for news and personal media. This adds to the latest enhancements that Plex has been making to their software, including live TV/DVR and cloud services, as well as Samsung PhoneCast VR and Amazon Alexa support.


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