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Plex gobbles up Watchup and adds streaming news


Plex continues to grow its app by constantly seeking ways to make it better. In their latest strategic move, they have acquired Watchup, a streaming news service which will now become part of the Plex app. This will allow their users to tap into over 150 news publishers around the world.

They hope to create a centralized source for news so that Plex users can have a one-stop source no matter the device they are using. Plex is already well known for its media streaming qualities that allow users to stream their own personal library of movies, TV and so much more, from a PC to nearly any device, no matter where they are in the world. Call it your own personal Netflix running on a PC (most likely at home), that manages all of this media and delivers it to you on demand using a brilliant user-friendly interface.

Plex recently introduced their Plex DVR feature that allows you to record all of your favorite content from your cable or satellite service, allowing you to bring it into your streaming library. It makes use of an external tuner made by HDHomeRun that allows you to connect your coaxial feed to your PC. From there, the Plex software does all the rest.


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