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Plex is now supported by Samsung’s PhoneCast VR


Plex continues to grow as companies pick up supports for the platform. The latest addition is Samsung’s PhoneCast VR Beta application that allows you to watch videos using their Gear VR headset. It now supports Plex in additional to its growing list of applications.

Samsung’s PhoneCast VR Beta application allows you to sit back and enjoy a virtual 200-inch screen to watch videos on, and supports applications like Vudu, Hulu, YouTube, Crackle, Epix, and of course, Plex. Now you can tap into that vast collection of yours and stream anything you want to your private VR space.

From the app, you can launch any of the above mentioned applications (and more), as well as control various features such as brightness, and you can control it all using a connected keyboard, mouse or gamepad.

This comes as part of their latest blast of updates, including the ability to play local files on Android devices, as well as a number of fixes for all of their various platform options.


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