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Portable GPS tracker that makes you feel like a secret agent


Think of James Bond or any other popular secret agent and all of their wonderful toys they get to play with in their adventures. From watches that fire lasers that can burn through restraints to small trackers they place on vehicles to find out where they go. It isn’t that far fetched to be able to do it yourself–at least one of those two things.

Amcrest recently released a small GPS tracking device that they say is no bigger than a small box of matches. It can be used to tracking any given object or vehicle you attach it to for up to 2 weeks on a single battery charge. It is water resistant and offers an optional/additional shell that provides magnets for attaching it to metal with (or you can simply just glue some heavy duty magnets to it yourself). There is a accelerometer inside that allows it to sleep when it isn’t in motion and wake when it begins to move again, all to help give you that two week battery life.

They say it will give you an accurate position within a 2 meter margin of error and you can set up various alerts so that you can be notified when it is moving again, how fast it is moving and so forth. It functions using a sim card that already comes inserted into the sim card slot that is secured with two screws.

So if you think your special someone is cheating on you and want to know where they are hiding at times, this could be quite handy for you. Or where your child sneaks off to at night (not that you should actually let them do it just to find out) when they climb out of their window to go visit with friends or a new secret crush. A more professional use would be an employer who is suspicious of what employees do on company time with company vehicles.

It retails for around $129 and requires a monthly plan for the tracking service ($19.99/month). The plan seems a little pricey, so you may want to limit use of the tracker to just serious situations unless you have a money tree in your backyard or a daily professional purpose for it.

For more information or to buy the Amcrest GPS Tracker, you can visit here.



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