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Pros and Cons of Gaming on a Standing Desk


Standing desks have become more and more popular in recent years, as their health benefits become more publicly known. The sedentary nature of many of our jobs means that many people are seeing their health deteriorate – standing desks are one to mitigate that, as it keeps people moving and active, more than they would be when sitting down. Standing desks are particular favourites of people who have back pain, or who want to mitigate the possibility that they will develop back pain in the future.

Strangely, while we happily take part in the wellness efforts of our employers, many of us gamers will also quite happily come home and sit down in front of a computer for hours every night as we play our favourite games. Should standing desks not also become part of our normal arrangement? If they are healthy at work, they are surely healthy at home, particularly since the same health issues are in play. Recent research has said that standing up while playing, even if it is not done all the time, can be incredibly beneficial to your overall health.


There are possibilities

There are fixed standing desks out there, but there are also desks which can be switched between standing and sitting, depending on how you feel at the time you are using it. Being able to decide whether to sit or stand can take some of the pressure off, because standing desks can take some getting used to – it is a relief to know that halfway through the day you can switch back to a sitting desk if you are finding standing to be too taxing.

Additionally, having a desk which can switch between sitting and standing means that we as gamers can fit our desk to the type of game we are playing. If we are playing a war game, then we can stand; if we are playing solitaire, then we can sit. Or the other way round, if that is what suits us. Standing desks are good in part because they give people options beyond the usual sitting desk that has an adjustable chair.

It makes things in the game more real

Let’s face it – in most games, our characters aren’t sitting down at all. They are walking, running, jumping, running from the enemy…they are incredibly active. Standing desks may feel awkward at first, but they do serve a very good purpose in getting us more involved in the game. If we are more figuratively on the same level as the player, even by using a table lift set, it helps us to feel more connected to the game, and to feel more involved. Suspension of disbelief is probably a lot easier if you are standing when your character is.

Better focus

Standing desks have been said to improve focus when they are used, perhaps because they help with blood flow, since the heart is working harder as people stand up. Whatever the reason, having better focus when gaming can only be a good thing, as it will allow us to do better in our favourite games.


Sore feet

There is quite a steep learning curve when it comes to using a standing desk – especially if you aren’t used to standing for long periods of time. Sore feet are something which happen a lot to people when they first start to use standing desks, and the feet need to take weight at times when they were not accustomed to doing so. This can be a problem for gamers because they may not be able to game for as long as they would like if they are using a standing desk.

You can’t use a laptop

Using a laptop on a standing desk can be difficult, as there is sometimes not enough room between the laptop itself and the person using it. If there is not enough room, then there can be problems for arms and necks, because people have to contort them into unusual positions in order to properly work. If you are gaming for long periods of time, then it can be detrimental to your overall health to use a standing desk, which is something that goes against what standing desks are so popular for.


Standing desks have been growing in popularity in the workplace because they are said to have many health benefits. So it is surprising that many people, who will willingly use the desks at work, will go home and use normal sitting desks all evening, without any thought to their health. This article only covered some very minor pros and cons, but hopefully it will help people who are looking into standing desks for their gaming to find their way into articles and research which covers all sides of the story more thoroughly, and so helps them to make an informed decision which will benefit their health for many years to come.


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