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Samsung launching Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbot cleaner


Those little roaming vacuum cleaners just got a whole lot better with the announcement of Samsung’s Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbot cleaner. There’s already a number of cleaners available on the market, including the popular Roombas that most are familiar with. However, none of them are as cool as a Star Wars themed cleaner that rolls around your house.

The new POWERbots will be dressed to either look like a Stormtrooper or Darth Vader himself, and feature a number of sound effects and quotes inspired by the Star Wars films. Perfect for dedicates Star Wars fans around the world.

Samsung promises up to 20x more suction that some of their past POWERbot models, the ability to get deep into corners and edges, and to map out its course as it patrols the floors. It has a camera onboard along with nine sensors that allow it to determine the best path to achieving its victory, while avoiding furniture, walls and other objects. It then creates a map of its areal achievements that can be viewed using the app. It can detect changes in surface (ie, tile to carpet) where it can then adjust its section power to accommodate these. It’s “Edge Clean Master” edge detection allows it to detect walls, where it will then drop down a side sweeper from a shutter and collect debri stuck in those hard to reach corners.

It can be controlled via the app, Smart Home, Samsung Connect or even Amazon Alexa. Just imagine being able to boss Darth Vader around with your voice.

Of course when it is finished cleaning or about to reach the end of its current charge, it will return back to its base on its own, so that it can begin recharging for the next mission.

The new POWERbot will be launching on December 15th (2017), just in time for Christmas. The Stormtrooper model is available for $689.74, while the Darth Vader model comes in much higher at $778.98. So it is not going to be cheap if you want to throw down the money for one of these (these little vacuums continue to become more advanced each year, but also grow in price all the same). If you do want to get your hands on one to make sure you achieve this by Christmas, both of them are currently available for pre-order.

Pre-order from Amazon


  • Key Features

    Suction (W)


    Dust Capacity


    Brush Width

    11 3/8″

    Filter (Pre Motor)


    Filter (Exhaust)


    CycloneForce™ Technology


    Multi-Surface Cleaning



    Cliff Sensor

    Edge Clean Master


    Auto Docking


    Wi-Fi Connectivity


    Visionary Mapping™


    Brush Type: Combo


    EasyPass™ Wheels


    FullView Sensor™


  • Convenience

    Cleaning Speed



    7-segment digital display

    Additional Tools

    Remote Control

    Running Time

    <= 60 min

  • Dimensions

    Product Dimensions (W x H x D)

    13.4″ X 3.8″ X 13.7″

    Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D)

    18.9″ X 19.6″ X 6.7″

  • Weight

    Product Weight

    8.8 lbs

    Shipping Weight (lb)

    14.3 lbs


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