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Samsung Smart TVs are first to support Hulu’s new Live TV experience


Hulu has recently moved into the Live TV market allowing subscribers access to “sports, news, entertainment and more” as part of their Hulu experience. Subscribers can opt for the $39.99/month (starting) account which does include the normal Hulu streaming features they are known for. You are able to create profiles (up to six) like you would on Netflix to help create a personalized experience with and help limit kids to safe content.

Now, Samsung is the first smart TV manufacturer to offer the updated version of Hulu’s app that allows access to these new subscription features. They have just rolled out an updated to all of their 2017 smart TVs that will immediately show the new Hulu app as being available for use.

If you have one of the newer (2017) smart TV models, make sure you have a connection (wired or wireless) to your network so that it can remain up-to-date with the latest firmware updates that Samsung releases (more frequently than some of the other companies at times). You should see the new app available to use.

With a Hulu Live TV subscription, you will be given the option of watching your favorite shows and other content from over 50 different well-known channels. They also offer DVR-like support with the option of recording your content starting with 50 hours worth of storage, allowing you the option of upgrading if you so choose. In other words, they have become a direct competitor to your local cable and satellite TV providers, without having to worry about the same infrastructure that they require to get signal to your home with.

Given time, you will find the other TV manufacturers bringing these updates to their app stores. However, for now, Samsung gets bragging rights at being the first to deliver Hulu’s new experience.


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