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Samsung to unveil wall mountable NW700 Sound+ soundbar at CES


With all of the major players competing to see who can build the thinnest TV to hang on the wall, it is getting harder and harder to hide all of the connected devices around it. Samsung is looking to improve on this when it comes to soundbars with the announcement of their new NW700 Sound+, which they refer to as a premium lifestyle soundbar. Something that should sound just as well as it looks.

The new Soundbar will be unveiled at CES next month in Las Vegas and will feature options like distortion-cancelling, wide-range tweeters and multi-speaker control. It is just beyond 2-inches thick (53.5 mm), allowing it to blend in well while mounted on the wall below a TV.

The new speaker features a three-channel approach, filling in for a full front speaker alignment experience providing both stereo and center coverage. It also features a built-in sub in order to contain everything within a single space. It will feature three sound modes including standard, surround and smart mode (which automatically adjusts volume and effects).

“With our NW700 Sound+ soundbar, we are not only committed to superior product design, but also to delivering unmatched sound quality to our consumers.” –  Jurack Chae, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics

The promised sounds great but there is no telling how well the speaker will perform audibly until we see (and hear) it at the show next month. Hopefully it will be in full demo and not just display (more than likely it will be available to listen to). We will be sure to update with anything we find. One thing is for sure, it does look quite eye catching.


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