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SanDisk announces a massive 400GB microSD card for your devices


It feels like it was only two years ago when we were bragging about SanDisk announcing a 200GB microSD card. Mostly because it was two years ago when this happened. Since then however, we have come far enough to stick our tongues at 200-256GB as SSD and other formats of flash media move far beyond this capacity. Now, microSD shares the same glory as SanDisk has moved to offering 400GB microSDXC that can be purchased this very moment.

So just in case that smartphone that offers 64-128GB of space isn’t enough for you, and you need something to brag to all your friends with, you can now expand your device further than ever before. Assuming you can afford it at least. Like anything else as it enters the market as the first of its kind, the price tag is a little hefty. It will run you around $249 (ouch), but you can expect it to fall a little by next year. If anything, you can expect to see the 128GB cards seeing the best price drops this holiday season thanks to the new addition to the line.

You can expect to see transfer speeds as high as 100mbps, which is normal for the best microSD options and it will give you more than enough capacity to store all of your favorite music albums while not running out of space for photos for quite a long time. It is important to point out though that your device has to be able to support a capacity as high or higher than 400GB. A lot of devices still claim to support up to 256GB, so make sure to check before you rush to buy one.

If you do want to be one of the first to jump on one, you can order one right now on Amazon. It does say that it won’t ship for 2-4 weeks, so SanDisk hasn’t exactly began shipping just yet (so its more of a pre-order option for now). You can do so via the following link/button.

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