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SanDisk announces world’s smallest 128GB flash drive


As Solid State Drives (SSD’s) continue to expand in capacity and fall in price, so do flash drives as they take on the spots SSD’s leave behind–given, they don’t share the same characteristics in price.

SanDisk has announced their all-new Ultra Fit 128GB Flash Drive. What once required an entire SSD to accomplish, can now be done in space that is not much larger than the USB port itself.

The new drive can transfer data at up to 130MBps, which works great for Windows’ ReadyBoost feature and for quick transfer of information while on the go. The drive retails for around $120, which is much higher than a basic 128GB flash drive. So the price tag isn’t following the same trend as SSD’s, but there is a lot of potential for the price to come down within the year as it gets closer to the holiday season (retailers love to focus on flash media).


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