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Segway’s MiniPRO available for 30% off the normal price


(Update/Note: Black Friday is over and so is this deal sadly. Check back on Cyber Monday and hopefully they will run the deal again!)

Another tip of the hat to Black Friday specials as Segway’s MiniPRO personal transporter is available for only $385 on Amazon at this moment. The price might seem a little high for anyone who doesn’t have any experience with Segway and the quality behind their products, but for those who are, you can see the value.

This season there seems to be a lot of sales “rolling” around on various “hoverboard” solutions, however most of these have involved cheaper brands with names you most likely aren’t familiar with that have been shipping into the country from all around the world from places like China. Although some of them are pretty neat, they will still run you around $199, and don’t come anywhere near the quality of Segway’s products and features.

It normally retails for around $549-$599, which at the price alone is a great deal compared to the normal price of a Segway. The new $385 price only makes the deal sweeter and is only available for a little less than 12 hours at this point.

We originally covered it during an interview with Segway this January at CES in Las Vegas, where we had a chance to talk about their current portfolio of products. Our team immediately became obsessed with the MiniPRO due to the price and what it had to offer (given, the fact that they have been covering many miles worth of walking for the week of the show might have influenced their opinion just a tad).

The MiniPRO has the ability to take you up to 10 miles per hour as you travel, covering about 12.5 or more miles on a single charge. It has the ability to connect to an app to control it with and can also roll behind (while keeping itself up and at the best angle for you to do so) you like a rolling travel bag when you don’t want to ride it–this way you don’t have to carry it around. When you turn it on, it uprights itself making it quite easy for you to simply step right on.

Since the interview, they (ok, I should say “we” since I too would love it) have always wanted a few around the office to make traversing the floors quicker when it comes to running around on a busy day. Of course, the main purpose is traveling outside, but I guess it all comes down to the user (and the building regulation/rules of course).

Regardless, here is your chance to own one of your very own at a much smaller price from what was already a pretty nice price tag. You want to hurry though as the special only runs until 11:PM PST tonight! Of course, if you do manage to get your hands on one, feel free to share with us below your thoughts and experience.

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