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Sennheiser announces their binaural recording Ambeo Smart Headset


Strap in as we climb into the future with the next level of headphone experience, with Sennheiser’s new binaural recording smart headset, Ambeo. A trip beyond your normal pair of in-ear accessories, the Ambero Smart Headset captures the sound around you, allowing you to enjoy it later on a pair of normal stereo headphones in the exact spatial format you originally experienced it in, giving you the ultimate 3D recording device (thus far).

A product from a partnership between Sennheiser and Apogee (specializing in digital recording), Ambeo features two omnidirectional microphones, one in each ear piece. Included in the mix is a pre-amp for these microphones as well as an analog to digital converter (both of which are stored within the in-line controller). They capture the sound around you in 3D, naturally as the sound reaches your ears. It can then be played back via headphones to relive the moment you recorded as if you were standing there once more.

It does also make use of a limiter by Apogee, called SoftLimit. This means although playback may not be 100% when it comes to volume levels, the tradeoff is the elimination of distortion automatically, which prevents you from having to edit later, or discover you captured unusable content. For example, let’s say you are listening to the birds around you and someone sneaks up and loudly says “HI!” to jolt you, this isn’t going to distort when you play it back later. More realistically, this is for the variation in background noises, where some things may come in louder than others. This just helps to create a little more balance so that the resulting playback isn’t harsh and unenjoyable.

Ambeo works with any iOS device that utilizes a Lightning connector (an Android model will follow, later in the year), allowing you to use iOS’ standard camera app to record everything with. This allows you to record rich videos that can be shared with others, delivering professional sound to recreate your experiences with. The 3D audio files can also be shared separately as well.

“With this new headset you can use your iOS device’s camera to record, experience and relive the same balance of three dimensional sound and 180° visual perspective that we as human beings are accustomed to in our perception of the world,” explains Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, co-CEO Sennheiser.

You are able to listen to everything live while capturing, so that you can still hear everything around you. It has it’s own volume control for listening and can also noise limiter so you can bring the volume down around you (as if you were wearing earplugs). If you have been following our stories in the past, you might find that a lot of these features sound familiar to the Here in-ear buds we’ve covered (only Ambeo is so much more).

Of course, since they are headphones, they can be used as such. They function as normal headphones during playback of media on your device and can even take calls.

There is no price or release date available just yet, but you can bet we will be waiting to bring you more when possible, so stay tuned!

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