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SiriusXM comes to Amazon’s Alexa


In the latest addition to Amazon’s Alexa, available on various devices such as their own Amazon Echo lineup, SiriusXM has come to strengthen the already popular digital assistant with their powerful suite of streaming channels.

SiriusXM offers a large lineup of channels that span a number of genres, including all of your favorite music options, as well as sports, news, celebrity hosts like Howard Stern, comedy, and more. Now all of this can be accessed by a simple voice command and streamed directly to your Amazon Alexa device.

All you have to do is say “Alexa, play (channel) on SiriusXM”, where “(channel)” would be the name of the channel you’d obviously like to listen to. As long as Alexa has a proper connection to the internet, that channel will begin to play. It’s simple, and brings a lot of additional value to Amazon’s assistant.

Of course, you do have to be a subscribing customer to SiriusXM, but the trial period will still get you started. If you are already a subscriber and have Alexa, you can add the SiriusXM skill to Alexa via Amazon’s website here, or using the Alexa app on your mobile device. It will have you log into your SiriusXM account, and then you are all set to start requesting music.


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