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Smart speakers took CES by storm with Alexa and Google


One of the most talked about products at CES this year was smart speakers, specifically those supporting either Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant, or Google Assistant. Both of which could be found at nearly every audio manufacturers exhibit. From simple indoor speakers, to extravagant options to satisfy the average audiophile with.

Google really took the show by having a physical presence at a lot of these spots throughout the convention floor. Nearly every brand showcasing a Google Assistant equipped product had a Google representative dressed in a white jumpsuit standing by to answer questions. Outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center, Google could be found with a giant multi-story exhibit with a line of attendees wrapped around it, waiting to get inside.

Needless to say, these digital assistants are hot. Then again, this could have already been seen with the record setting sales both Amazon and Google experienced during the holidays this last November and December. Now, millions of speakers have been ordered directly from the two companies and that doesn’t even include the speakers from all of these other names at CES.

In the header image above, you can see a display with 5 Bluetooth speakers sitting on both sides of the display. This was the RCA booth at CES, and every one of those speakers feature Google Assistant. You should find these speakers entering the market at various stores soon.

You were able to find the same thing at the Altec Lansing’s booth, who has six speakers on display, three of which feature Google Assistant and the other three Amazon Alexa. All six of the speakers will be making their way into the market soon as well.

It goes on from there with companies like Klipsch, who also had multiple options to choose from covering both digital assistants. It seemed that everywhere you turn, there were smart speakers to play with. Some of which are Bluetooth, some WiFi and some that supports all of the above. So no matter which assistant you might have found yourself a fan of, you will have plenty of options this year to choose from when it comes to adding a speaker to every room of your house.

Personally, I have both options here and there throughout my own home, some of which include Amazon’s Echo speakers and even one by Insignia (a brand most widely found at Best Buy) with Google’s Assistant, that does an excellent job as an alarm clock for the master bedroom. After all, there is nothing like stumbling into your room at the end of a long day, telling the speaker to wake you up at 7:00AM as you are climbing into bed. Finish that off by telling it to turn the lights off and you are ready for slumber.

Last year was a major year for smart home products, but this year you will find more people than ever getting adapted to these products throughout their home. Thanks to the sales volume of hubs during the holidays, consumers have been rushing to find products that work with them. That, and the price has become more affordable than ever for some of these.


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