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SmartPlane by TobyRich – CES 2015


TobyRich demonstrated their SmartPlane today at CES. Ten minutes of flight time, controllable via your smartphone and coming soon (February) they will have an app allowing you to dogfight with other planes. Currently (as of this article) the SmartPlane is considered sold out leaving the price tag a little high, but is normally available here on Amazon. Once the plane comes back into stock, it should be selling for around $69. Check out the following videos for additional information:


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  1. Tom's Guide France on

    [VIDEO] Equipé d’une batterie d’une autonomie de 15min, cet#avion miniature se pilote directement depuis un #smartphone ! Démonstration :

  2. So I just got my Smartplane, but I’m having trouble setting it up for its maiden flight. I’m using a Motorola DROID RAZR M running Android 4.4.2

  3. According to the instructions, it seems that my phone is supposed to push software updates over Bluetooth to the plane, and that there’s a specific screen (black background, says “Preparing for first flight”) that is shown when it’s doing that. But that screen isn’t showing up for me.

  4. Can anyone tell me how to overcome this? The app runs fine on my phone, and my phone has Bluetooth 4.0, but I’m having a hard time doing this

  5. Innovative, fun. It appears its only downside is that it turns the controller into a douche bag, buzzing innocent bystanders.

  6. joseph o'malley on

    Why is it out of stock?? Did you not know about Christmas? I think it’s really cool but it’s out of stock for me.

  7. Mario Barretta on

    The SmartPlane is so easy to control, you can drive it with one hand. With your smartphone as the controller, you can pilot this crash-proof airplane around your house, backyard, or anywhere your adventures take you.intuitive app & gyroscope tilt controls for driving the plane with your smartphone Sturdy materials that retains their shape even after being bentLong-lasting battery for 30 minutes of flight on a single chargeFlightAssist mode: autopilot-like support for smoother flights or novice flyersOptimized flight speed mode for maximum control & flight timeFully proportional rudder for smooth and stable turnsInstantly connects to your phoneVia +The Next Web

  8. [sarcasm]Because acting like an asshole in public places is exactly what we need more of.[/sarcasm] Bad Form SmartPlane, bad form…

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