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Sony announces new X720E and X690E TV series for pre-order


Sony has announced two new series of 4K HDR TVs coming this year beginning this month. One of which is their X720E series (this month), which will MSRP between $899 and $1,099. They will range from 43-inches to 55-inches. The other, is the X690E series, which releases this August. The X690E series will feature two models, a 60-inch ($1299) and a massive 70-inch option ($1,999) for those looking to fill in those larger spaces.

Both series will support 4K HDR content at 60p, bringing the clarity and richness to enjoy everything that is 4K in the market today (which has exploded within the last year with content). Perfect timing now that the Xbox One S has been doing so well and the Xbox One X is set to release later this year.

Between the two series, Sony keeps all of their models under the $2,000 price point, placing them in the same category 1080p was in, not that long ago. Thanks to the price structure at retailers like Amazon, nearly all of the models are also kept below $1,000 as well.

Now that all of the major TV brands have brought the price of 4K down so low, it will be a guarantee that 4K is going to be the solid focus this summer, especially this holiday season later in the year. 1080p TV’s will soon find themselves becoming a rare breed and eventually go the route of 720p.

Although the X720E series will be shipping out this month, they aren’t available just yet. Both series are available via places like Amazon and Best Buy for pre-order however. So you can make sure to reserve yours now before they hit shelves in the coming days.

The following is a breakdown of the TVs in each series. Each TV is linked to their pre-order page on Amazon where you can find them at their lower price. The prices stated for each TV on Amazon are based on the current price at the time of this article.

Sony KD-X720E Series breakdown

Sony KD-X690E Series breakdown


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