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Sony delivers 4K projection as low as $5K


Glorious 4K projection has finally reached the price of $5K thanks to Sony with their announcement of the Sony VPL-VW285ES 4K Projector, allowing consumers the ability to bring 4K to their home theaters at a much more affordable price point. 

This means that 4K projection has reached a price that 1080p was still nearly asking just 3-4 years ago for the same solution (with the exception of a little less lumens). The new VPL-VW285ES projector will offer 1500 lumens, which places it less than the 1080p Epson projects we generally use for testing, but does deliver full 4K projection with HDR (4K 60p 10-bit) at up to 200-inches. It makes use of 3 separate SXRD imagers, each one dedicated to it’s own color channel (RGB) to help deliver solid color detail and gives you the opportunity to upscale all of your non-4K media.

“Sony’s newest line-up of true 4K HDR home theater projectors delivers the engagement experience for cinema-viewers and gamers of all genres,” said Mike Fasulo, Sony Electronics President and COO.

Sony seems to be pretty hyped up about the announcement, and has been bragging about the new lineup that begins with this model, promising great performance for both movies and games alike (we typically recommend keeping away from multi-player games when it comes to projection due to higher latency).

It hasn’t fully rolled out just yet, but should become more readily available within the coming days. It is available for pre-order (or sale, once it comes into stock) via Amazon at this very moment. So if you want to get your hands on one within the next week or so (more likely), the option is there if you want to make the upgrade. We will be keeping an eye on it ourselves. It still may not be affordable for the average consumer, but the price sure does beat what we have faced thus far when it comes to 4K.

Pre-Order/Buy from Amazon

The line-up moves up in price from there, growing as high as $14,999 for the VPL-VW675ES. So, things aren’t 100% perfect just yet for 4K projection when it comes to price. It is a solid step for the technology though. and it promises something to look forward to within the next few years.


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