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Sony PlayStation 4 now sports a 1TB version too


Chasing after Xbox and their latest announcement of offering a 1TB version of the console, Sony has announced the new 1TB version of the PlayStation 4 as well. It looks like they both finally admit that with all of the downloadable content there is now, a limited space doesn’t mean *every* customer will rush out to by a new hard drive vs slowing their downloading/spending to accommodate for their lack of space.

The PlayStation was recently seen at a press conference where it explained “Me too! I can do that too!”. Ok, that isn’t true, but it was positive news coming from Sony. So close to Microsoft’s announcement, Sony is proving they are still in their A-game, making sure to stay on top of the competition’s moves.

The new console is referred to as the Ultimate Player Edition and will be available in certain countries beginning July 15th. The announcement was made on Sony’s European blog, but the assumption is strong as always that the US will be on the same release schedule or at least not that far behind.

Sony also announced that the Playstation smartphone app has been updated so that you can now enter your PSN gift cards and other codes using the app so that you aren’t forced to do it via your console anymore. You can also view comments live via the app while streaming your game via the console.

Now if only they could hurry out with a 4K version of the consoles to go with the new gigantic 4K TVs that have become more affordable to the general public. Hopefully you won’t be waiting that long since both companies announced earlier in the year that they are working on launching something to fill this gap with. I doubt they will make you wait until the PlayStation 5, but similar things have happened in the past.


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