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Steam bans over 40,000 users for cheating


In a major win for honest gamers around the world, Steam has banned over 40,000 of its accounts for cheating. One of the largest mass bannings of accounts that has ever occurred, helping to make an example out of those who would go out of there way to ruin the experience for others.

At the close of the Steam Summer Sale, they picked up on a collection of users who were starting new accounts and buying games on the cheap, so that they can cheat using their newly acquired account. Valve has always and will always use extreme force against those looking to bypass their protections against modding/cheating (Valve Anti-Cheat System aka VAC). The result will be a permanent ban from connecting to any protected server.

This proves to be another great example on why it doesn’t pay to cheat and cause hell for other players. Just enjoy the game for what it is and move on. Now, if only someone could do this for people who scam, hack or spam users across the internet. Just give them a permanent ban from the web. Rip out any cables going to their house, block any wireless signals from reaching it and place the person in permanent house arrest that requires a public flogging at least once a week.


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