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Super NES Classic Edition has already been cracked


Russian cracker/hacker “Cluster” has already found his way into Nintendo‘s brand new Super NES Classic, a record time compared to his attempts to crack the original NES Classic. He has updated his hakchi2 tool which allows you to side load pretty much any SNES game you want onto the system, expanding on the number of games it supports.

You do have to do a little reading to learn how to make use of the tool and to accomplish the process which might not be for everyone, but the option is now there and all you have to do is find the games (which of course we recommend to dump your own cartridges as downloading the would not be lawful). Then again, the hardest part would really be getting your hands on one of the classic consoles since Nintendo can’t seem to manufacture enough to cover demand for them (which is clearly done on purpose).

At the moment, your best chance of getting your hands on a Super NES Classic is to pay an inflated price by those reselling them on places like Amazon and eBay until/unless you are lucky to get your hands on one as soon as it comes back in stock (before they sell out moments later once again)–we don’t even have one.

If you do manage to get your hands on one, feel free to comment below and let us know about your experiences with the process. Happy cracking!


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