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Surprising Ways Robots Can Make Your Life Easier


Robotics was a field which progressed quite slowly before linear actuators came along. Robots were big and clumsy, and only capable of tasks which did not require much in the way of control or finesse.

Linear actuators changed the way robots worked, making them more capable of control, and therefore opening a wider range of industries to them. Since then, robots have appeared in almost every industry possible, from domestic to commercial, including assembly lines (which is where most people think of robots), and various aspects of manufacturing where precision and control over long periods of time make robots preferable to humans. Linear actuators have created robots which can take over more jobs and perform them to standards which humans would be unable to, because they are not subject to human error. When people think of technology which can make their lives easier, they do not normally think of robots first, but they are becoming more and more common in these situations.

Playing with and Monitoring Children

Robots, at this point, are a lot like TVs – you should leave your kids with them all the time, but occasionally they can act as a monitor while you go and do something else. Today’s robots are moving into being able to remember children’s voices, and their preferences in play and relaxation, both of which make them highly valuable when watching children. Advances in AI have also mean that robots are now able to teach children to some extent, making them even better companions for children. Robots are able to monitor the children in their care for any accidents which may occur, as well as keep an eye on them in general.

Going to Meetings

Working remotely is becoming very common in the modern age, but this does not have to mean that anything important is missed. More and more people are projecting their video selves via robots, so that they can appear in person during important meetings. The robot can also function as a way of recording the meeting, and stands in for communication technology which has not yet quite made the jump it needs to in order to fully support remote workers. Having a robot presence in the meeting can also be handy if the person in question needs to make a presentation or a lecture out of the blue; it will allow the person who is remote to actively be involved in giving the presentation (through use of the robot’s motion systems) as though they are actually there.


Gardening is soothing and relaxing, and many people take it up for those reasons. However, not everybody has a green thumb, which can lead to some horticultural disasters. Having a robot to do the garden, or help, means that your plants have a much better chance of living, and you can still enjoy all the benefits of your garden as well – the robot can remember all the information which is needed to keep each specific plant healthy and thriving, and it can also come with automatic sprinklers and things to help with the general upkeep of the garden.

They can also be helpful in gardening because they can keep the garden going while the homeowners are away – keeping the garden watered and fed while no one is around, so that people can come back to some healthy plants.

Robots are going to make our lives easier, there can be no mistake; but they are going to change the way we live our lives entirely. Robotics encompasses so many fields because there are so many things that robots can do. We are still finding out for ourselves what that is.



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