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T-Mobile increases their throttle limit for unlimited to 50GB


That title seems so contradicting when you say the limit for unlimited is changing, but sadly, as we have all learned these last 10 years or so, there really is no such thing as “unlimited”. Every provider limits their unlimited in one fashion or another. Usually you still get the unlimited data, but they begin to take things away from you (like speed for example) after a certain amount of usage. That’s why the plans say unlimited data and not unlimited “high speed” data.

In T-Mobile’s case, they have been throttling unlimited users to 32GB per month of usage. Thankfully, for the average user that is more than enough. However, there are enthusiasts that use their phone for gaming that sucks up bandwidth, or use their phone as a hot spot for their cars, laptops and more. When you start customizing the settings in all of your streaming apps to make use of the highest quality the app has to offer, the numbers begin to climb much faster as well (now let’s say you use your phone to feed Pandora or SiriusXM internet radio to you all day every day at work). Add in a ton of Netflix and you are just eating away.

Thankfully, T-Mobile has made it that much harder to reach their data limit before they begin to massively crunch your speeds, by taking that 32GB up to 50GB per month, giving you an extra 18GB. The new change begins tomorrow and we can only hope that other carriers take note of this and try to do the same (ie, AT&T massively throttles their grandfathered-in unlimited accounts by default, starting with your first MB).

If T-Mobile improves their reach with the new 600 mhz spectrum as everyone is hoping for, and works to increase speeds across the board, this will deal a solid blow to the competition. All of these variables are what make up a good carrier right? We ourselves are still waiting on the reach, and we all live and work in a major city. So while the increase in monthly data a good move on their part, it would be nice to be able to make use of it more often by having a dependable signal (fingers crossed).


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