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T-Mobile shares their vision of a 5G future


T-Mobile has plans with the 600MHz frequency range they gobbled up in the recent auction, and with it, their vision of the 5G future that waits around the corner. They released a video (below) that helps visualize what they predict will be the near future, using 5G to connect everything around us.

With a deep use of AR (augmented reality), they are hoping to see a complete integration of the internet with everything around us. From HUD equipped windshields as we drive that can communicate with our destination, route and devices along the way (including interactive billboards), to interactive store displays that we can use our AR equipped glasses or headset to obtain deeper information with, as well as purchase instantly online.

Making use of the 600Mhz range, they plan for a network that can reach further with less limitations, allowing for a deeper, more reliable coverage.

If it all works out, this should prove to be an awarding improvement for T-Mobile, allowing them to better compete with their larger competitors, AT&T and Verizon. Regardless, that high tech and fully connected future we experience on TV and in the movies, continues to get closer each year.


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