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Tesla helps protect South Australia from blackouts


Tesla has been awarded a pretty large contract that is going to lead to the world’s largest lithium-ion battery backed storage project to ever be built. The contract was obtained as they won a bidding war set forth by the South Australian Government, so that they can push forward to become proactive against power outages like the one caused by a storm last year that left 1.7 million residents without power.

Their government has been looking for a renewable energy solution that can provide at least 100 megawatts worth of storage. Tesla’s Powerpack system will be able to do this, fed by a wind farm provided by Neoen who joins Tesla in the contract win. The system will store enough energy to power over 30,000 homes, helping to protect residents from power shortages and damage caused by situations such as last year’s storm. It will help to improve the overall reliability of the electrical infrastructure.

The project is to be finished by December of this year and will be located near Jamestown, South Australia. Tesla’s Powerwall is also making its rounds, allowing residents to install the residential version of the technology in their own home for extended protection against outages.



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