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Tesla releases update adding beta version of automatic wipers


In a cool update that Tesla has rolled out for their cars, they have added the ability for automatic windshield wipers. The new feature allows you to let the car take care of turning them on and off for you so there is one less thing for you to have to think about. It can be adjusted in settings to accommodate your preferences of how much water triggers the feature, and is available right now (included in the latest update: 2017.50.3).

The only catch is that the feature is titled as a “beta” option for the time being and has only rolled out for Model S and X owners (equipped with at least AutoPilot 2.0). So this means where could be hiccups until they finish working on it, and Model 3 owners will have to wait an unknown amount of time before they get it. At least it won’t stop you from trying it out if you have the S or X.

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In Tesla’s update announcement, they stated the following:

Keep your windshield clear with automatic wipers (Beta)

You can now set your Model S windshield wipers to turn on automatically in wet weather. Tap CONTROLS > Settings > Vehicle. and set AUTOWIPERS (BETA) to ON. Then adjust the sensitivity of the wipers so that they turn on based on how much rain is on your windshield. Want them to turn on intermittently when a medium amount of rain has accumulated? Choose the Auto 1 option on the wiper lever. Or, choose the more sensitive Auto 2 option if you prefer wiping as soon as the vehicle sense even just a light mist or drizzle, such as when driving out of the garage on a foggy morning. To make sure your windshield is clear, the wiping speed automatically adjust based on how much rain accumulates between each wipe.

Definitely a nice addition to the Tesla vehicles and shows you how hard they are constantly trying to reinvent and improve the technology that hasn’t really changed much over the last so many years.


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