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Tesla to unveil their autonomous semi truck this Thursday


Tesla plans to finally make the reveal of their autonomous semi truck this Thursday at 8PM PT, while promising that it is going to blow your mind At least that’s what Elon Musk (CEO) is promising via a recent tweet today.

Although most of us (all of us?) personally wouldn’t want our minds blow out of our skulls (literally), it will be interesting to see what they have accomplished thus far. Bringing autonomous driving to the big rigs could greatly increase road safety since drivers won’t be driving long range for many hours, sacrificing sleep and other luxuries as they push to meet their target schedules. It could also mean less stops leading to a more streamlined delivery system, where trucks only have to stop to recharge at a supercharging station and then resume their path. It could also help guarantee that trucks will stay in the lane they’re supposed to be restricted to while driving at lower speeds vs bottlenecking an entire freeway.

The disadvantage of course is the fear that drivers will lose their jobs to a machine and find themselves outdated and stuck in an unemployment line somewhere. Of course this comes down to what will or will not be allowed when it comes to the trucks becoming fully autonomous or not. It’s still looking like the jobs will be there for drivers, at least until regulations are passed that allow for fully autonomous solutions. Daimler for example has already been testing a semi-autonomous truck, however it still requires a driver to be present to do things like pass other vehicles, exit the freeway or navigate city streets.

Although the impact on the job industry is still unclear for now, we will be one step closer to finding out what we may find sharing the roads with us, beginning this Thursday. If the trucks are anything like their cars, they may offer one awesome evolution for the entire industry.

“Transport by Skynet, your solution for a fast and efficient delivery!”


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