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Tesla will begin selling solar roof tiles this year


Tesla announced today that they will begin selling their new solar roof tiles this year (2017) through SolarCity, allowing customers to achieve a solar solution without having to have giant panels spread across their roof. Now, your roof tiles themselves, become the solar solution–two purposes in one product. Looking at the image above, you can also imagine how much more appealing it would be to the eyes since it also gives a more ultra modern look to the home, at the same time.

The new roof tiles are claimed to be more durable than your standard tiles, allowing for a greater lifespan and better resistance to year-round weather. Although they may be more expensive (initially) than regular tiles, Elon Musk is quick to point out that the savings in energy alone, will be more than enough justify the difference (and then some), essentially making them cheaper as you save.

Initially, there will be a soft rollout as they judge supply and demand. In the near future, Tesla plans to team up with Panasonic for larger volume manufacturing, as they move their production operations to New York. Pre-orders require a $1,000 deposit to join the pre-order list with and US orders will begin to ship later this year (international orders will be sometime in 2018).

They will be available in multiple options, including black glass (smooth and textured), Tuscan and French slate, with black being the only option until they roll out the additional selections later in the year.

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