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Tesla’s thinking about convenience stores next


Tesla is constantly on the move looking for new roads to travel down as they expand into the auto market and beyond. There are multiple consumer models to choose from now (as well as additional models to come) and they are pushing hard to get into the commercial market with autonomous semi trucks as well. Rooftop solar tiles and over 900 super charging stations all over the country, they continue to push forward with new ideas on bringing clean energy to the world. Now, their latest move seems to be leaning towards convenience stores.

J.B. Straubel, Tesla’s CTO (chief technology officer), recently spoke at FSTEC where he pointed out that Tesla is looking to expand at all of their Supercharger locations by building convenience stores to give drivers a little extra something to do with their time. Currently, all of their stations are typically located next to or near areas where activities are available, such as shopping, restaurants and more. That way that quick charge experience doesn’t involve you leaning against the car thumbing around your smartphone as you count the minutes away on the clock.

If they move forward with this idea, you will have a place right there, where you will be able to go inside for something to eat or drink, while having a place to use the restroom and relax–allowing those minutes to fly right on by before you are right back on the road again.

Straubel mentioned that Tesla is currently in talks with a number of restaurants, in order to provide dining at these locations. He pointed out that it wouldn’t be a grocery solution like some of the other convenience stores, but that doesn’t rule out the option of bringing in another convenience store brand to assist with this if they ever decide to go that route.

The entire move would give Tesla a solid edge in the market, and would add even more weight to the pitch when it comes to bringing in new owners at their sales centers. Right now, there is nothing more important that defining the opportunity and convenience that future owners would have when it comes to keeping an all electric vehicle fueled during their travels–compared to a gas driven vehicle.


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