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Thanks to Kickstarter, New York is getting an underground park


A group known as Lowline has raised enough funds on Kickstarter to develop an underground park in New York City that will be fed using solar technology and natural sunlight. The solar technology will be used to create a naturally lit atmosphere that is capable of sustaining plant-life, and creating an above-ground-like feel.

The new park will be located in an east-side converted trolley station that was, until now, abandoned. Completion should be sometime between the end of this year and the start of next, pending New York approves the full design. Right now, Lowline has built a trial-size version of the park to show the city’s decision makers that the idea is fully deliverable.

The trial park will be free to visit and open on a limited schedule (currently they plan for weekends). Time will tell if the full project will be given the green flag or not. For now, they leave you with a video:


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